Microsoft Career...?

Job : Premier Field Engineering (PFE) - Platforms

Role Purpose
Premier Field Engineering (PFE) consistently delivers onsite and dedicated services for Premier customers around the world. As the newest global CSS team, PFE was established in partnership with Enterprise Services to strengthen the Microsoft Services field engineering capability worldwide.
Team/Department Mission
PFE Mission Statement - to drive productive use demonstrating greater value for our largest and most important customers.
Key Success Criteria
So do you want to be part of this new and excited part of the business proactively working with Microsoft’s Elite premier customers enabling them to make the most out of their technology to move their business forward?
We need individuals that possess deep technical expertise in at least one technical specialty. That can solve complex technical problems through sound, creative troubleshooting. You will also need to be able to examine possible workarounds and escalations as required.
Set an example of excellence as a Microsoft representative, enhancing the company's image and reputation through your credibility, preparation, and commitment.
Strong communication skills are expected in this role: Outstanding demonstrated ability in developing strategic ongoing customer relationships, gaining trust and respect for the company. Engineers must also possess strong technical writing, presentation, and training skills.
Being aware of changing market and industry opportunities and providing feedback on these opportunities to the account team and/or internal management in order that they can be fully realised.
This sounds cool, like really cool..........and its Microsoft.......:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
Technical/Functional Skills
Platforms Premier Field Engineers need good Windows Server Operating Systems skills.
People in this team specialise in Active Directory, Clustering, Deployment, Networking, Virtualisation, Client or Core, however all engineers have deep knowledge of the OS, and experience supporting and troubleshooting various aspects.
Premier Field Engineers typically work with 3rd / 4th line support guys or engineering teams, so need to have experience and technical depth in order to work at this level.
Lets break this down into my skillset...

Active Directory : Yes, for Windows 2003,2008 Forests + all AD Operations
Clustering : Yes, I have built, configured, supported, optimised, maintained 3-way Clusters (Active/Active + Active/Passive)
Deployment : Yes, Effectively deploy OS via Altiris/SMS2005/MOM2005 and package applications with Wyse/Installshield

Networking : Yes, all Windows related services so DNS, WINS, DHCP, Terminal Services, Citrix, Exchange, SMTP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, IMAP4, NetBios, LDAP, LPD Printing......
Virtualisation : Yes with VMWare ESX Server v3 and Infrastructure including VMotion technology, plus Virtual Centre....
Client : Yes, all common Microsoft applications like Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 and Visio, Publisher, Internet Explorer 5/5.5/6/7, Media Player 8/9/10/11
Core : Yes, I presume this means core Windows applications like Windows Debugging, Symbol Tracing, GFlags, WMI, RPC Services, Windows Hardening......
The current update is as follows, this will be updated as I hear any information
Stage 1 : HR Telephone Interview : Complete

Stage 2 : Technical Interview :Cancelled

Stage 3: Assesment Day : Offline