OVA File : Unsupported hardware family vmx-13

If you have an older ESX estate which can be required or normal for organisations and you try to import a OVA file you will get this error:

"Unsupported hardware family vmx-13" 

Like this:

This is VMware saying you need to upgrade to a later version, however you can get a little smart about this and download VMware Convertor from this link here

Once you have it follow below to get it in vmware, simple.....start with Convert machine

You want to import a powered off vmware VMX file, which if you have the OVA file you can import into vmware workstation to get that, this does not handle OVA files.....

Then choose the VMware Infrastructure VM option and enter your credentials.....

Then choose where you would like the VM in your infrastructure:

Then ensure you choose the correct disk from the side menu:

Make sure you choose the correct options here, paying attention to CPU and Network VLAN group:

Review the setting on the final screen and click finish, then wait for the job to complete like this:

Then you have a new OVF on an older ESX, magic.

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