Remote Access (VPN)

Yes I do have remote access to lots of services and no I will not make it publicly available on my website.

Once you have my VPN software and a valid account to login with you can access remote services, VPN services are managed by OpenVPN and/Cisco Meraki cloud ☁️ 

Connections will only be allowed from the latest version of the operating systems, VPN is protected with network access protection (NAP) - the requirements are:

Valid running firewall, all updates installed and anti-virus running and up-to-date, yes this includes Macs - while Max don't have many viruses they can spread Windows viruses so they can be a carrier.

Failure of any one of these checks will put you in a group where you can connect but can't talk to anything this is called an isolation zone for failed clients.

Requests for new accounts are currently closed.