PrevX Anti-Spyware

This is the best in detecting and removing spyware, the product is perfect, works all the time and uses a small memory and CPU footprint, please do not confuse this products with crap like:

  • Spyware Doctor - Slow and resource intentive and requires the full version to remove issues

  • Ad-aware - Crap, leaves all the spyweare behind, removes your cookies (the ones you want to keep)

  • CCleaner - OK, but pointless at removing issues on your PC

The GUI for PrevX 2 is al follows:

Techical Information
Prevx2.0 keeps you safe. It's as simple as that.
Provides strong anti-malware protection and works in conjunction with all major security products.
Already Infected?
If you think your PC is already infected, then Prevx2.0 will hunt down and clean up any files that are giving you problems.
Concerned about Infection?
Prevx2.0 improves your existing security by providing protection against the very latest Spyware, Rootkits, Trojans, Viruses, Bots, Adware and Password Stealers - collectively known as Malware.
Through the Prevx2.0 community approach, your PC will have the latest information about malware always to-hand. If anyone else in the community has ever seen a malicious file, which is about to attack your machine, then it will automatically be blocked from harming you. If you're the first person ever to see a particular malicious file, then all Prevx2.0's defences will be deployed to understand and intercept the file, before it causes you any harm.
If you're a technical person and want to know how we do this - Click Here to read about our "Herd Intelligence" model.
Key Technical Features

  • Prevx2.0 helps bolster your current security - Providing protection against the very latest Spyware, Rootkits, Trojans, Viruses, Bots, Adware and all other forms of malware and crimeware.

  • Power of the community keeping you safe - Thanks to our unique "Community Intelligence" your PCs are immediately protected against new malware detected on any of the machines in the Prevx community of over a million users.

  • Malware virtualisation - Prevx2.0 is the only product that can detect unique new malware by getting into the guts of a file and understanding what it's going to do before it does it.

  • Seven signatures for spotting malicious code - rather than giving a single classification, Prevx2.0 identifies the structure, code sequences and behaviours of a file in seven different ways to block unwanted files faster.

  • Behaviour blocking - Prevx2.0 monitors each file that is allowed to run for up to 300 possible behaviours, to ensure you are protected at all times.

  • Unobtrusive - Prevx2.0 runs silently in the background, with no inconvenience or interruption to your work.

  • Constant surveillance - Prevx2.0 is looking at the behaviour of every new file on the internet through our community and crawler tools, making sure you never receive nasty surprises.

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