Using DNS for Content Filtering

WARNING : This is not a support method of content filtering as using this method is High Maintanance....

You need to be an administrator and want to redirect all usersรข€™ connections to , all you need to add a Primary Lookup Zone for the domain name.

The steps for Server 2003 are as follows:

- Open the DNS console
- Expand your server
- Right-click Forward Lookup Zones and select New Zone.
- Click Next on the Wizard welcome page.
- Create a Primary Forward Lookup Zone. Do NOT integrate the zone with Active Directory if the option appears.
- Type the name of the zone:
- Accept the default file name for the zone and click Next.
- Click Next.
- Click Finish.

Your DNS server is now authoritative for Instead of forwarding your clientsรข€™ DNS queries to the ISP DNS server, the server returns any records it holds in its own database. If the requested record does not exist, the DNS server tells the client that the name does not exist.

If you want a "Page Blocked" page add a DNS entry for "WWW" to your webserver hosting this page!
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