Free WiFi and Internet Access....

If you ever goto a hotel and they offer free Wifi you can turn this into free Internet by following a simple set of instructions firstly connect to their access point then from a comand prompt enter


This will connect you to the DNS server and you will see the following:
Default Server:
Address: xx.xx.xx.xx

You will need to enter the name of a website here to test the answer path for DNS, as shown below:

Non-authorative answer:
Address :

When you get the result you will notice that the answer is for not this is because the DNS search prefix is set to so this will be added to all your DNS queries......this is not on really is it......

To stop this invasion of free internet you need to modify your DNS parameters, so for Windows click on Start>Settings>Control Panel>Network Connections then right click on the relevent connection and choose properties

Select the TCP/IP option from the list of "This connection uses the following" and click Properties then choose the Advanced button and click on the DNS tab...

Once here ensure that your options match the ones here and add all your options to the "Append DNS searches in this order" to include your sites....

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