GFlags - Global Flags for Windows

GFlags is an excellent troubleshooting application that will allow you to perform various options when windows startups and while it is running for example if you want to Enable either the Pool or Heap Tagging then this is where you can set these options.
The technical lingo for this application is as follows, as per stated by Microsoft:
"This tool allows you to enable and disable advanced internal system diagnostics and troubleshooting features on computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Server 2003. Gflags is designed as a debugging tool for application developers. It is most often used to turn on indicators that other tools track, count, and log. You can run Gflags from the command line or use its graphical user interface dialog box"

Look at all those tick boxes, lets get really....this is not an application for non techincal people as you can also screw up your system if you enable to much......not sure.....leave it alone!
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