Pipex going bye-bye....hello o2 Broadband

Well, this morning Pipex lost our custom as they give us no service whatsoever between the hours of 5pm and 11pm unless your are using HTTP or POP3 communcations.....this is linked to Tiscali's new AUP and Pipex also enforce this pile of shit.
The webpages come up really quick but the download sppeds to do carry this experience, so the Microsoft site loads in about five (5) seconds and a 21MB download downloads at 14.6KB/s, so it looks like Pipex now monitor the stream type and filter by that.
I go by this quote I found on the Net : "Tiscali will do for Pipex what Tiscali do for their own cutomers....Nothing!"
So I will be moving to o2 Broadband and as you will not know the new IP address from o2 you will need to get to this blog via http://www.a6n.co.uk (unless you can do a RevDNS lookup?)
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