Lotus/IBM Products can burn in hell!

Yes, I hate other mail clients as generally speaking they are crap, especially Lotus products in the form of Domino or Notes, this includes any version.....I find they are buggy, slow, resource intensive and a pile of shit, yes that right a pile of cow shit!!!!
This is an excellent resource for more information about Lotus products (mainly Lotus Notes) is shown below:

If you want to take a look at this wicked site click here
Check out some quotes from the site...
Notes is utter garbage. It took them until release 6.5.4 to add a simple Icon to see if you have replied to a users message. There is no rhyme or reason to which fields you can copy and paste from, they have left in a notes browser that no body uses. The calendaring option is just horrible and almost useless. The notes application is one of the most non-intuitive software packages ever developed. The fact that you have to have a developer on-site to build in functionality is joke. I HATE THIS APPLICATION!
Or try this one..
Aaaarrggh! I have just changed companies and the new company works with Lotus Notes 5. I feel like ending it all. My productivity has decreased by 90% as I p..s about trying to do even simple things. I canรข€™t customise it, I canรข€™t do anything with it. I simply hate it, hate it, hate it. My will to live is decreasing by the minute and I am already thinking about changing jobs. OH Lord, what have I done to deserve this!!!!
Revolt....go-to Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007.....or even for more security use Exchange 2007 with Mozilla Thunderbird!
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