WTF : How to open a Vista box.....

WARNING : Ignore this if your are Technical it will make your eyes bleed...
If you need help to open the Vista box you should not be using Vista you should be using a rock and stick inplace of a computer, get your ECDL certificate and try bafoon.....
The Windows Vista box opens with a swing-out section that holds your DVD and manuals. The box has two security seals that need to be cut or removed before it can be opened.
To open the box
1. On the top of the box, cut along the grooves on either side of the Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity label.

2. Peel the red tabbed label off the front of the box and discard.

3. Holding the box with the Windows logo facing you, grasp the red tab on the top of the box, and pull it to the right to open the box as shown here.

Alternatively, take a rock smash the piss out the front of the box and obtain you broken rock smashed all makes for a more secure Vista experience
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