iTunes does not Sync with Outlook 2007.....

If you have an iPhone or iTouch and choose the options to sync your contacts and calendar in the Info tab as shown below:

You will run into issues if you have Outlook 2007 installed as there is a new feature called the Trust Centre which works to your disadvantage for two main reasons:
1. You have a specilist Antivirus product running

2. iTunes is not a Microsoft application

Why?....Well unless you have a Microsoft Outlook aware virus scanner then Outlook will not allow non-microsoft based applications to transfer data from Outlook, I am running Eset and that is not allowed check this out click on Tools> Trust Centre

When this window open you will see the text "Anti-virus Status" at the bottom of the window and you will see the status of "Running" or "Not Found" or "Unavaliable" as shown below:

I have the status "Unavaliable" which means that I Outlook is not able to communicate with the virus protection for 3rd part applications like iTunes.....
To resolve this change the radio box from "Warn me about issues when my anti-virus is out of date" to "Always warn me about suspicious activity" then you can sync with Outlook!
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