Windows XP SP3 RTM

Yes, I have been waiting for this for a very long time as Vista is not a viable upgrade option so the updgrade path is to Windows XP Professional SP3...but what has changed in the already incrediable operating system?
Well the list is short but here it is...the main features revolve around security and hardening which is exaclty what is required for a secure client OS....
1. Network Access Protection compatibility. Announced years ago, this feature allows Windows XP machines to interact with the NAP feature in Windows Server 2008. This functionality is built into the RTM version of Windows Vista as well.
2. Product Key-less install option. As with Windows Vista, new XP with SP3 installs can proceed without entering a product key during Setup.
3. Kernel Mode Cryptographics Module. A new kernel module that "encapsulates several different cryptographic algorithms," according to Microsoft.
4. "Black hole" router detection algorithm. XP gains the ability to ignore network routers that incorrectly drop certain kinds of network packets.
What is the Install like?
Normal, there are no new bells and whistles unfortunately check out the web album below:

Download Windows XP SP3 here
This is the last Service Pack for XP as Vista has taken over, personally I think that Microsoft should drop Vista and start again! :-(
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