Sxipper : SSO Secure Tool....

Sxipper is a free Firefox add-on that saves you time by keeping track of an unlimited number of usernames and passwords as well as the personal data you share every day over the web.
1. Privacy - Sxipper protects your personal data by keeping it secure on your computer and retrieving it for you when you choose to share it online.

2. Simple Set up - No account set up required! Just install, let Sxipper gather data for you, and you're ready to go.

3. Passwords - Sxipper remembers your usernames and passwords letting you login with a single click.

4. Form Fill - Learning from other users, Sxipper knows how to complete forms with 100% accuracy.

5. OpenID - Sxipper recognizes OpenID forms and helps you manage your OpenIDs.

Get it here from the developers
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