Spotting Windows Resource Leaks...

If you have a Windows installation that continually runs out of paged pool allocation (or non-paged pool allocation) then you need to ask youself what is taking up these resources on my server/workstation...
If you want to see all the allocate "pool" resrouces then you will need to use the command "poolmon" which is included with Windows XP this command from a command prompt to see that is taking up all your paged and non-paged pool resources.
If you get the error....

Query pooltags failed (returned: c0000002)

Did you remember to enable pool tagging with gflags.exe and reboot?

The you need to:
1. Click on Start

2. Choose Run

3. In the run box enter "gflags" in the box

4. Place a tick in the box labelled "Enable Tool Tagging"
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