Vista Hidden Reporting....

If you have Vista, obviously, and you want to do some home diagnostics to see where you problem lies then you can complete many of the normal "support" steps right from your Vista computer.....these features are not as easy to extract from Windows XP....
You will obtain key information on your System Health and Wireless as well as Wired LAN when you go to PC World you have ammunition to fire at them when they say your CPU is stressed!
1. Navigate to the Control Panle.
2. Double click on Administrative Tools.....
3. Double click on the Realiblity and Performance..
3. Expand Data Collector Sets > System....
4. Click on System Diagnostics and the click on the Green play button (highlighted by a red square)
5. Click back to the System level on the tree and ensure that System Daignostics states as "Running"
6. Leave this report running while you perform your daily activities...when your done refer to step 4 but click the grey sqaure next to the green play symbol - this will stop and collate the to review your report expand Report > System > System Diagnostics
7. Click on the date timestamp which will be the day you ran the report.....un-expand the Warning section by clicking on the up arrow as this section focuses on Services.....which are set against a set list (which is wrong)
8. View your report....the more "green" the better you PC is handling your current tasks....
This report states my PC is all OK....but based on the results you may want to follow the information below:
Green : All is fine you have no bottlenecks or performance issues
Amber : Your system is coping fine but under load bottlenecks will occur
Red: Your system is not coping and needs to be upgraded to get to Amber or Green
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