Vista Stability Fading.....

I have been using Vista on a "non-live" box that I have at home to see if you can make this product stable despite the reviews and bad press Vista has received....after many months of a stability rating of 9.8/10 all was going the 4 month marker Vista Service Pack 1 was applied and it seemed like smooth wrong I was.....

It seems like Vista has gone from a respectable 9.8/10 to a pretty crap 4.4/10 in the space of 2 weeks with every subsystem and core kernal system file causing conflicts and you can see I have had errors in the Indexing service so this was removed then Outlook would not load.......what a nightmare.
Once this point of no return has been reached it is time to reach for the Windows XP CD and re-intsall and start again.....yes Vista might be new but "NO" it is not stable...or if you think you have a stable copy wait a couple more months.
It seems that if all your do with your PC is check your mail and use MSN Messenger then Vista is probably OK....but if you want to game, video edit, image edit, use it as a workstation then please for the love of god use Windows XP!
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