I've Won...something I have not entered?

I checked my Hotmail mailbox today, which is recently my SPAM box as MSN sell all the mail addresses to 3rd party companies as they need to make a profit smoewhere I guess, anyway I received this mail message in my Inbox:

Confirmation email Ticket No 28-20-15-19-22
You have won,Euro( One million Euro) in the Euro millions Email Sweepstakes Program Corporation, held on the 3rd of October 2008. in Brussels Belgium. We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately upon receipt of this message for more information concerning the verification processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you.
Do contact the Details below for the Claim.
Contact Person: MR.Norbert Van Loock.
TEL: 0032-488-095-872 or 001132-488-095-872
Reply to Email: euroclaimagent_at_luckymail_dot_com

That is really special, as I have never purchased a ticket from "luckymail" how can I win something I have no entered....if you get this then click on "Mark as Unsafe"
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