Disabling your Network Cards using NETSH?

I have been playing around with NETSH (which is the command line IP stack editor) and have come across a rather handy command, with NETSH you can either issue the full command or enter interactive mode by just entering NETSH.
This works a little like NSLOOKUP where you can perform the command "nslook www.google.com" however if you want to query the NS (Name Server) records then you will need to enter the commands in this order:
1. nslookup
2. set type=ns
3. google.com
It is exactly like this with NETSH except you can perform very complex commands with NETSH fo example the command netsh routing ip>show interface will show your local connection interface table:
State Type Interface
---------- ----------- ---------------------------------------------
Enabled Dedicated 1394 Connection
Enabled Dedicated Local Area Connection
Enabled Dedicated A6N Wired Backup
Enabled Dedicated A6N Wired
Enabled Internal Internal
Enabled Loop Back Loopback
So you can start your use the interactive session to make NETSH commands, so you could change the command "netsh routing ip show interface" to "netsh routing ip set interface name=A6N Wired state=Offline"
The last command would disabled the wired LAN adapter....which is pretty cool also another command which will reset the TCP status of your network card is "netsh routing ip reset"
If you get asked by your ISP to enter a command that starts with NETSH please take caution as most of the time NETSH will not resolve your issues, I would question all commands from ISP's as they are all following a script (which in most cases the scripts do not work)
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