Dead Space

The outline to Dead Space which sounds a little to much like System Shock 2, Doom 3 and Half-Life is as follows.....
Dead Space is a third-person survival horror-action video game, developed by EA Redwood Shores where the player takes on the role of an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who battles a polymorphic, virus-like, alien infestation called the "Corruption", which turns humans into grotesque alien monsters called "Necromorphs", on board a stricken interstellar mining ship.
The Ship : USG Ishimura
The USG Ishimura was named after astrophysicist Hideki Ishimura (inventor of the shockpoint drive), and was first of the massive planet cracker ships. Built 62 years before the beginning of the Dead Space narrative, she had a long and storied career. The Ishimura was the first vessel of her size to utilize the shockpoint drive for large-scale, commercial, and deep space expeditions.
At the time of her inception, the Ishimura was hailed as the savior of Earth and the colonies. She was created to mine and smelt entire planets and moons. She was also the first ship capable of the "scan and catch technique" for harvesting mineral-rich asteroids using huge gravity tethers. The Ishimura can lock onto asteroids and pull them inside the ships massive collection bays for smelting.
Even at 62 years old, the Ishimura was still in remarkable shape. Much of the equipment had been upgraded over the years with many sections refitted to take advantage of modern advances in technology. Despite the long years of service, she was the pride of the fleet and remained the largest planet cracker in the fleet. Whenever a deep space mining project came up and the Ishimura was available, she was the first to be called.
USG Ishimura Area's
Bridge: The control room where the Ishimura is navigated and monitored. Various workers monitor the Ishimuras status from the side monitoring stations while the Captain monitored the ship's orbital status from a room near the front of the ship. The Bridge area encompasses 4 levels, with the Atrium and Security on level 1, Administration on Level 2 and Communications on Level 3. Escape pods are also located outside of the Bridge entryway.
Hydroponics: The Ishimura's internal farm which produces the food needed to feed the many workers aboard the ship as well as providing a sustainable production of oxygen. Hydroponics is typically maintained by horticulturalists such as Elizabeth Cross, who monitored the production levels of the food. The section came under trouble when the Leviathan grew into food storage and began polluting the air. A massive area, Hydroponics spans the entire top portion of the Ishimuras two towers.
Engineering Deck: The section of the Ishimura where various engineers worked. This area was responsible for ensuring the Ship's shockpoint drive and gravity centrifuge worked, as well as the nav rockets and lifting capacity was at 525 trillion kilograms. This area was noted for being very dangerous as only Class 5 Engineers were allowed entry.
Ore Storage: Directly below Hydroponics, this deck was where ore extracted from operations on the Mining Deck was stored. In the game, it is the area the USM Valor crashes into, thus the entire deck is basically destroyed. The Ore Storage area is instead dominated by the wreck of the Valor.
Decontamination Chamber: Not necessarily a section of the ship, Decontamination chambers can be found throughout the ship. Their purpose was to cleanse workers of any bacteria and small debris that could contaminate an important area. Every area on the Ishimura is equipped with sensors that detect contaminants, such as Necromorphs. When one or more of these is detected, the area is locked down until the threat is removed. This also serves as a game mechanic to ensure the player cannot simply run constantly from any and all threats - they must stand their ground.
Medical: The Medical Deck of the Ishimura contains various facilities including: Zero-G Therapy, an Intensive Care Unit, Imaging and Diagnostics, Cryo Lab, Chemical Lab, Morgue and also various research areas and offices of the scientists aboard the ship. The deck is serviced by two trams: one at the main entrance, and one at the Cryo Storage entrance.
Mining Deck: The heart of the Ishimura, this is where asteroids and planet fragments are broken apart and smelted for valuable minerals. A 4-level deck, it is the largest deck on the Ishimura. Asteroids are brought in via an entrance on the third level, and held in place by gravity tethers.
Crew Deck: The residential areas of the ship's crew. A large relaxing area comprised mainly of sleeper bunks, the area also has a mess hall and a Zero-G basketball court. The Executive Lounge and Executive Quarters are located here, as is the Executive Shuttle.
Flight Deck: Location of the main hangers where shuttles would enter and leave the Ishimura. Contains a fully equipped departure/arrival lounge and has access to the cargo bay allowing materials to be loaded into shuttles for transport. The Executive Shuttle Docking Bay connects to this, as well as the Cargo Bay. The Ishimura has multiple docking bays for shuttles of various sizes, ranging from the massive main hangar bay to smaller mining shuttle bays such as Docking Bay 17, where the Necromorph infection came onboard the Ishimura.
Cinema: Although not seen in the game or movie itself, posters in the Mess Hall of the Crew Deck allude to a movie theater on board the Ishimura, intended to entertain off duty workers.


Personal View Points
I was not sure about this game due ot the third person view (instead of the first person view) but I decided to give the game a bash to see what I thought.....and I have become hooked on this game for the first four (4) levels which includes:
1. Powering up Security Systems
2. Fixing the Tram Databoard
3. Powering up the Tram
4. Access Core ship systems
5. Powering up ADF (Asteroid Defense Fields)
6. Pre/Fuelling Engines
7. Powering up Engines
8. Powering up Stabilising Giro's
9. Walking in Space (Zero-Gravity)
10. Destroying Asteroid
However my latest mission is to do with "Life Support" as the alien force has infected hydroponics causing a topxic gas to be passed round the ship.......this is where I am concerned as in previous games....
System Shock 2 : Hyrdoponics Level 2 unleases a "unstoppable" mutant killer
Doom 3 : Life System re-activation uncovers a "super" alien
Half Life : Turning on an air filteration device causes you to loose health points
I am afraid to say that Dead Space falls into the same trap, you are required to collect a chemical sample from the chemical room, and the ship unleashes a alien that continually mutates so all you can do is run away from the alien as it cannot be killed.
Why? Why have somthing you cannot kill, what is the point, what does this serve?
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