I'm A PC......?

This seriously pathetic attempt to get people to buy Windows based computer systems is really quite annoying, if you think that when you buy your Windows computer you can "unbox" and "be creative" you are quite clearly mistaken as out of the box Windows can do basic tasks including and not limited to:
1. Create Text Documents
2. Create illustrations to the same level as a four year old with crayons
3. Create "crap" movies with Movie Maker
This is where the list ends unless you have a big thing for DOS commands like NETSTAT and NBTSTAT which to most users is useless
I am astounded that people are encouraged to "show off their PC" with items like Stamps and Keyrings.....

If you want a solution that works out of the box and lets you be creative then you might want to consider a Apple computer not a Windows based system, however with Boot Camp you can have Windows on your Mac!!!
Visit the Apple UK Store here
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