Linksys fail to read comments in iHelp....

Well this took me by suprise, how on earth these people qualify as technical astounds me, I think I was probably talking to a automated computer system.....anyhow.....
Nick (30062E): - Hello
Lee Croucher: hi
Lee Croucher: i have a WAG54G2 and I have an issue with it....

The only decent response Nick (30062E): Okay

Lee Croucher: and the power light flashses red occasionally which I guess means that the firmware is corrupt, I now have the firmware file
Lee Croucher: I guess once I flash the router it should return to normal operation?
Lee Croucher: my question is how does the firmware get corrupted in the first place

Shit, LinkSys restored factory defaults >Nick (30062E): Thank You for Contacting Linksys Live Chat Support. My name is Nick, How may I help you today?
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