Bypass Web Filtering Software.....

If you have a web filter at your company or school....or whatever your situation may be then you may wonder if it were possible to bypass the web filter and get the content that is otherwise blocked?
Well, the usual answer to this is yes, however this can come with some risks involved for example you could bypass security measures and create a virus infection which would probably cost you your job....which is not good, on the flip side to the statement if your Sys Admin did his or hers job then all these methods would not work!
Firstly, as people are stupid in more cases than they are intelligent I will only list the summary of methods used you will need access to download the full without further messaging....

Name of Bypass Method How it Works?
Remote Proxies This method works by loading the website on a 
remote computers and outputting the results in a  PHP script
Free Proxy Listing Add a proxy server to your
browser to a anonymous proxy server
Translation Trick Translate the blocked site in a language
translation website
Translation of Remote Proxy URL Translate the remote proxy from English to
another language then apply remote proxy routing
Staying Anonymous Online with @ Use HTTP credentials in the format of

, example

Use Website IP Address Enter the IP of the website not
the name so becomes
Convert to Binary Enter the Binary citation for the target
website, once converted from HEX to BIN
Convert website to Obscure DWORD No explanation does not work
Load Google Cache version Search for the site and click on Google Cache
Remote Data Routing Involves advanced TCP routing
techniques not outlined in this section of the guide
SSH Tunnelling Involves advanced TCP routing
techniques not outlined in this section of the guide

If you want the full guide to download and review then you will need to be authorised, once you are authorised you will need to visit the link here
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