Uploading not working in JAWS 0.8.9....

If you have JAWS 0.8.9 running on Mac OS X Server 10.5.6 and you have an inability to upload photos or files to JAWS due to random errors then these are probably caused as you have not set the "upload_tmp_dir" directory in your PHP.ini to the /tmp folder.
If you wish to resolve this issue follow the instructions below to resolve your issues:
1. Create a folder in the htdocs called phpinfo
2. Create an index.php with the text
3. Visit the folder from your browser and you should see PHPInfo
4. Search for "tmp"
5. You will see a value called "upload_tmp_dir" with the value "no value set"
6. Find your PHP file
7. Search for "upload_tmp_dir" notice it has a semi-colon at the start
8. Change this entry to read "upload_tmp_dir = /tmp"
9. Restart Apache to reload the php.ini
10. Re visit the PHPInfo page and notice that the variable "upload_tmp_dir" says "/var"
11. You can now update photos and files in JAWS!!!!!
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