Goodbye iPhone 6S......and iPhones

Right, after a troubled past with my iPhone 5S, iPhone6 and now my iPhone 6S I have decided to permanently be on Android, with immediate action.

It would appear that Apple no longer have no quality control, and I am not saying Android do, not by a long stretch but Android dont prevent you from using the phone, and Android do not make the hardware and software like Apple do - so Apple should know better.

iOS is for the most part extremely buggy and slow, its just most people do not use their iPhone as smart phones which is why most the population are happy with them, also the extent of the issue with iPhone can be seem by trying to get a Genius Bar appointment, and having to wait 2 weeks - then when you do get to your appointment you get a stupid Apple member of staff tell you absolute crap.

The transition to Android has been very easy, I do not have access to some Apple services but I can live without them, and my music in iTunes Match can be accessed via my iPad, or uploaded to Google Music.

If you are interested in my issues log - it looks like this :
  • Broken WiFi
  • Broken Cellular Data
  • Broken iCloud
  • Broken iCloud Photos
  • Unable to scan for WiFi Hotspots
  • Unable to connect to WiFi hotspots 
  • Unable to use the internet
  • Unable to roam with Data
  • iMessage not activating
  • Facetime not activating
  • Corrupt backups
  • Multiple iPhone 6 replacements, think I got to 6 replacements
  • WiFi login page not displayed
  • Photos duplicating in iCloud Photo Library
  • Unable to upload Photos to iCloud Photo Library
This is the mail I sent to
Apple is a company has completely let me down - awful support, untested products
I used to be a very proud owner of an iPhone 6 and had the unit since launch day, however the more I use my phone the worse and worse my experience got until a point where today I no longer have my iPhone 6 and I'm currently using a Nexus 5 because I'm so disappointed with my whole Apple experience
I have had repeated issues with my phone not been able to connect to WiFi on multiple occasions - sometimes disconnecting me other times telling me I have the incorrect password and then other times just completely not working on public access points
I will regularly be in Starbucks and see lots of people on iPhones trying to login to the free wifi as their phones are not displaying the login page - since switching to Android this is actually quite funny.
Bluetooth also seems to be broke hit and miss as the weather actually works on your device is so you get your car Bluetooth working there anything that uses LTE Bluetooth doesn't work for example your Apple watch.
Then there is Cloud photo library not working and by not working I mean uploading photos from my Mac and then on all 6 of my iOS devices using iCloud photo library completely failed to download the albums and the galleries with reproducible unstable results.
Apple if you really want to see how to do photos take a leaf out of Googles book by looking at Google photos, which is exactly what 90 percent of people with photos want not the unstable, unreliable, extremely buggy with a lot of downtime version of photos which you provide through iCloud.
I attempted to buy to Apple watch on separate occasions from different stores and both of them failed to pair to my iPhone 6 - leaving me confused as to whether it was something I was doing or not.
I watch your latest advert of your website the one regarding you making your own hardware and software meaning that the end user has a more streamlined experience - however this also seems to be a big lie as not only do you get the hardware wrong you also get software completely wrong
IOS 8.3 as well as IOS 8.4 have obviously failed to go through all kinds of quality control as lots of users have reported a sea of issues however Apple of failing to act on any of the reports from users.
I have now been on Android for the last 4 weeks and I must say the experience is absolutely amazing when compared to coming off of a buggy iPhone 6 - I only hope that you actually put a lot more stability into iOS 9 and the new iPhone when its announced later this year otherwise I'll be permanently staying on Android never going back to iPhones ever ever again.
I only hope you get the next iPhone right as well as the next iOS right but it sounds from the off that your not really bothered.
I hope you're able to read this and it doesn't end up going onto a pile of Apple complaints that never gets an answered.
One extremely unhappy customer

This mail has answered by the following people:

Dario Giuliano mail address of
Helen Leonard mail address of

Both of these people had the signature in their mail messages as "Executive Relations EMEIA" however both of these people were powerless to help to out, all they had the option of doing was booking me in with the non-genius people at Apple - not a resolution at all.

If you have an iPhone and its working well, great, buy yourself a mince pie, however pray you do not get a problem - as one these phones go wrong they leave nuclear blast style craters in your life.

I still use my iPod, iPad and MacBook Pro and I still like all these devices, but Apple in my opinion are absolutely useless in the phone industry - as even with a device they control the hardware and software for, they will cannot get it right.

iOS 9 for example, was meant to be about "stability" when in fact what actually happened was the exact opposite, instability - Apple iPhones no longer justify the high price tag, when a 3 year old Nexus 5, costing me £170 can outperform a what is supposed to be premium handset.

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