Office 365 is Offline

It would appear that today no one can login to the Office 365 portal, this seems to be affecting all the following services:
  • ADFS
  • SSO
  • Portal Login
  • OWA
  • Office 365 Administration
This issue pretty renders Office 365 pretty much useless for most people, yes you can still get your mail if you have aOutlook 2016 in cached mode, but if you have a provisioned desktop (like we do at work) then you have to run this "shared license activiation" mode which means Outlook and all office suite applications will prompt you for a liense.

The license it requires comes via ADFS, so that is us completely offline until this is fixed, as our Office 2016 ProPlus cannot talk to Office 365 to get a valid license.

If you think there are issues in the future then use this link:

Microsoft are "dumbing down" the incident but if you read the report which is here:

SUMMARY OF IMPACT: Between approximately 09:00 and 13:15 on 3rd Dec 2015 UTC, customers experienced intermittent issues accessing Azure services that use, or have dependencies on, Azure Active Directory. A full list of services reporting downstream impact is listed below this message in the History tab of the Service Health Dashboard. While impact was centralized to West Europe and North Europe, customers outside of these regions may have experienced issues as a result of configurations specific to their individual scenarios. PRELIMINARY ROOT CAUSE: A configuration error led to incorrect routing of production traffic. This resulted in the inability to access services dependent on Azure Active Directory authentication and services. MITIGATION: Engineers implemented an update containing the proper configuration values to the impacted Azure Active Directory front ends, which resulted in mitigation. NEXT STEPS: Engineering teams will perform full root cause analysis on this incident and will work to further understand why the configuration containing the errors was implemented

This pretty much sounds like they did, what most people never want to be doing, an "authoritative restore"

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