iCloud is not like Google Photos

iCloud for many people is a sea or calm and a tranquil place where everything magically works, however for some people its more like a nuclear explosion which has gone off in their life.

I sent this mail to Apple.....

I have been down the Executive relations route on more than 3 occasions and I have never been satifiied with the response, so here goes on attempt 4
On Friday the 3rd February  I had 50,970 photos totalling 91.2GB, when I awoke on Saturday the 4th I had no photos anymore.
I also uploaded files which were linked to case reference number 100125598867 - in these uploaded files you can clearly see on all my Apple devices all the photos being present and accounted for.
Previous to these two days I rasised case with the number of  100125598867 - this case was for your iCloud team to investigate why my 91.2GB of photos did not show up as part of my storage.
I now have absolutely no photos in iCloud and as you are aware when you delete and disable your iCloud photo library as a customer you have to wait 30 days before the date of deleted.
The only way this process could have been skipped is if someone internal to apple has deleted my data.
I also have no copy of these photos as my Mac was not synchronising these photos due to the storage anomaly, no one from Apple ask my permission to delete or even ammend my iCloud account - but from a customer point of view is one massive breach of privacy and data deletion.
I have been working with 3 Senior advisors on this case and they have both advised me that the iCloud engineers have not reported back with questions but instead have escalated that internally I'm wondering if that internal escalation has caused someone to delete all my data.
I would rather apple investigate why my data has been deleted and my privacy has been so abusively violated against your privacy policy.
I have just advised by a iCloud engineer that my data is "unrecoverable" and that as far as Apple are concerned is that - you have lost all my memory's and all your iCloud engineers can say is "ohhh well"
I hope you can make more sense, as to how in under 24 hours my data can vanish, but not just vanish, unrecoverable vanish, meaning I once again left high and dry by Apple.
I have no confidence in iCloud, I think it is a buggy, unreliable system that is prone to data corruption - take my case.
I would highly suggest that you open up iCloud to 3rd party backup solutions, so when people are but in this situation they can get there data back, because at the moment you are not capable of providing a reliable service at all.
I am also, on this information considering of reporting this to the news media both the UK and the USA - as "irrecoverable data loss" and "that all we can do, better luck next time" is TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE  - unless I hear why this has occurred as this is totally unacceptable- I did not know using iCloud was like gambling with your data.
I know this is in the iCloud terms and conditions:
Your iCloud email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and documents are stored in, and can be accessed via iCloud on your devices and computers. Apple shall use reasonable skill and due care in providing the Service, but, TO THE GREATEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE BY APPLICABLE LAW, APPLE DOES NOT GUARANTEE OR WARRANT THAT ANY CONTENT YOU MAY STORE OR ACCESS THROUGH THE SERVICE WILL NOT BE SUBJECT TO INADVERTENT DAMAGE, CORRUPTION, LOSS, OR REMOVAL IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, AND APPLE SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE SHOULD SUCH DAMAGE, CORRUPTION, LOSS, OR REMOVAL OCCUR. It is your responsibility to maintain appropriate alternate backup of your information and data.
Which excludes you from any fallout when Apple delete your data, but in the iCloud terms and conditions section entitled:
It also says : 
I believe you have failed in this part of the contact, your terms and conditions also tell people:
It is your responsibility to maintain appropriate alternate backup of your information and data.
I do have copies of my data in Google Photos, Amazon Drive and Flickr - but based on your unreliable and awful service, why would I ever use iCloud again - or for that matter use an iPhone or any Apple device EVER AGAIN.
If you lost all your data on iCloud I am sure you would just be as pissed off as I am, I hope you can help, you are now my last port of call - after being though Customer Services, Apple Support and Apple Privacy - none of which can help me out here.

The end result is that nothing as been done, apple do not care, and quite frankly Apple do not actually give a fuck about you data at all.

The iCloud terms and conditions remove any legal obligation for apple to be "sensible" with your data.

I have now given iCloud/Apple the 404....

iCloud is no longer part of my life, and will never be a part of my life, I am 100% convinced that iCloud should never have left the beta stage.

If you are using it and it works, amazing, buy a unicorn - however make sure you have a backup of your data, ESPECIALLY your photos as when the Amazon EC2 cloud link which holds your data against your iCloud account goes wrong, you are royally fucked - Apple will not help you out at all, they will, like they have with me, tell you the issue is on you.

Have photos, like photos, like memorys, like data - Google Photos with Spanning Backup and your set for life, Sapnning Backup costs £40 a year, but here use this link and get it for £35 a year....


Give iCloud and Apple the finger of "fuck off" and use a proper solution, also as most people will trust Apple here is a link to Google Photos:

Google Photos

Please see common sense.

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