vmWare: Server 2012 or later virtual machines fail upon reboot

Starting with Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 or later, during the boot process, the operating system resets the TSC (TimeStampCounter, increments by 1 for each passed cycle) on CPU0 when it detects it to be equal or larger than 0x40000000000000. It does not reset the TSC of the other vCPUs and the resulting discrepancy between two vCPUs TSC values may result in the issues described under the Symptoms section. This only applies to virtual machine hardware version 10 as Windows resets the TSC on all CPUs on virtual machines with older hardware versions (which do not support hypervisor.cpuid.v2).

To add monitor_control.enable_softResetClearTSC = TRUE to the virtual machines advanced configuration in the vSphere Web Client:

  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client. 
    Note: Ensure that the virtual machine is powered off prior to proceeding.
    Right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings to open the Virtual Machine Edit Settings window.
  2. Click VM Options.
  3. From the list on the left, expand the Advanced option.
  4. Click Edit Configuration.
  5. Click Add Row.
  6. Type monitor_control.enable_softResetClearTSC in the new Name column.
  7. Type TRUE in the new Value column.
  8. Click OK to save the change to the virtual machine.
  9. Power on the virtual machine.
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