Secure you Internet - for free

I have some servers in the Azure cloud which will secure your internet for free, it uses a solution called PiHole and its available for anyone to use.

All you need to do is configure your computer or router to point at these DNS servers, these servers block invalid and adverts automatically so you can use them from any computer connected to the internet.

These are the DNS IP addresses you need to use:


For those interested these are the hostnames for these servers:

Pi-Hole A :

Pi-Hole B :

Yes, the DNS says PieHole no PiHole, but that's funnier and more appropriate.

If you wish to see the basic workload view you can do so on these links below:

This solution is hosted in Azure and anyone how knows how to reconfigure their DNS can use these servers, these servers are linked to the following upstream DNS servers:

  1. OpenDNS
  2. Google DNS
  3. Level3
  4. Quad9
  5. Cloudflare
These servers also require DNSSEC zones or data transfer meaning these should be very resilient and unsecured DNS zones are set as "not preferred"

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