Exchange : Transaction Logs taking up all the disk space.....

 If you find your Exchange transaction logs are taking up all the space on the drive, which if it fills up will cause a dismount of your Exchange DB and need to backup quick this can save you....

You can enable circular logging but unless you have good backups that is a horrible idea, but if yuou wish to this is how  you do it:

PS C:\> get-mailboxdatabase DB01 | fl *path*

EdbFilePath : C:\ExchangeDatabases\DB01\db\DB01.edb
LogFolderPath : C:\ExchangeDatabases\DB01\logs
TemporaryDataFolderPath :
MetaCacheDatabaseVolumesRootFolderPath : C:\EDB\
MetaCacheDatabaseRootFolderPath : C:\EDB
MetaCacheDatabaseMountpointFolderPath : C:\EDB\DB01
MetaCacheDatabaseFolderPath : C:\EDB\DB01\DB01.mcdb
MetaCacheDatabaseFilePath : C:\EDB\DB01\DB01.mcdb\DB01-mcdb.edb

PS C:\> Get-MailboxDatabase DB01 | select circ*


PS C:\> Set-MailboxDatabase DB01 -CircularLoggingEnabled:$true

WARNING: Circular logging parameter change will not be applied on this database before it is remounted. Dismount and

remount database "DB01" in order to apply this parameter change.

PS C:\> Dismount-Database DB01 -Confirm:$false

PS C:\> Mount-Database DB01

This will tell the OS and Exchange the the DB and TL files have been backed up, which is the same process as doing a backup - ensure you actually have a full backup

PS C:\> diskshadow
Microsoft DiskShadow version 1.0
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation
On computer: BearMail, 07/07/2022 16:30:08

DISKSHADOW> add volume c:

DISKSHADOW> begin backup

Alias VSS_SHADOW_1 for shadow ID {7a1ed4b2-518b-4ddf-9b5b-774cd15de41f} set as environment variable.
Alias VSS_SHADOW_SET for shadow set ID {122a1b8b-0830-4ebe-98f5-c29725341cd7} set as environment variable.

Querying all shadow copies with the shadow copy set ID {122a1b8b-0830-4ebe-98f5-c29725341cd7}

* Shadow copy ID = {7a1ed4b2-518b-4ddf-9b5b-774cd15de41f} %VSS_SHADOW_1%
- Shadow copy set: {122a1b8b-0830-4ebe-98f5-c29725341cd7} %VSS_SHADOW_SET%
- Original count of shadow copies = 1
- Original volume name: \\?\Volume{0020b24b-0000-0000-0000-602200000000}\ [C:\]
- Creation time: 22/04/2020 16:30:33
- Shadow copy device name: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1
- Originating machine:
- Service machine:
- Not exposed
- Provider ID: {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}
- Attributes: Auto_Release Differential

Number of shadow copies listed: 1

DISKSHADOW> end backup

PS C:\>

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