Build : RDS CAL Licensing Server

If you need to install a RDS licensing server, which will license remote desktop sessions when more than the 2 people login to the server, you will need a RDS licensing server, to use this service you will need to ensure the session host is installed on the "user" or "device" based servers

Server Setup

NOTE : You can only license the server to the version of Windows built on the server

Then you need to install RDS licensing module with this:

Install-WindowsFeature RDS-Licensing –IncludeAllSubFeature -IncludeManagementTools

That will get the install going like this:

Once complete you will be reminded you need to restart the server, this usually only occurs if you have pending reboots before the install.....

Then once installed navigate to Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services and choose the "Remote Desktop Licensing Manager"

This will give you this view, however notice that it is not activated so its not going to do anything.....

In order to activate the server, you need to right click the server name and choose Activate Server like this....

You will need to use the automatic method if you server has internet access, to do this choose "Automatic"

Then you will need to give the wizard details like name and company:

Then you will get the "activated" dialogue:

The licensing MMC will now show you that your server is activated:

Next we need to add the licenses, so right click you server and choose "Install Licenses"

Now you need to select your licensing model, these are the options, where will we choose "Enterprise Agreement"

Then you will need to in this case enter your agreement number:

Then you need to choose the product version from the list as below:

NOTE : You can only license the server to the version of Windows built on the server, so for this example the server is Server 2022, if you have Server 2019 you will not see Server 2022!!!

Then you need to choose the license type for the server, you need to choose the option for your company requirements:

Once chosen add in the quantity and you should see this as a summary, note the warning about the client setup more on that later......

Once you click next it will activate these licenses with the the Microsoft servers, if you have no internet you will need to do a phone activation (not recommended)

This should then show your new CAL's assigned and ready to use......

Go back to the licensing manager and ensure you have a green tick next to the server

If you have a yellow exclamation next to the server, depending on access you many need to add this servers to the "Terminal Server License Servers" group, after which the yellow exclamation will turn to a green tick.
Client Setup in GPO

Finally you need the client servers to talk to this server, that is done using Group Policy and the settings are like this:

You need get to the Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Licensing section and then set:

Licensing Mode : Per Device
User Specified Licensing server : rds-cal.bears.local

This completes this guide on how to setup a RDS CAL server.

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