Solarwinds Scheduled Reports : Refused Connection

 If you have Solarwinds and when you try to run a "scheduled" report not an on-demand report you will get a report but the attached file will be like this:

"A Connection attempt was refused"

First go to IIS Manager by clicking start and searching for IIS:

Then expand Sites and check the bindings, you can see here its HTTPS with no HTTP bindings at all.....

You first need to login to the Solarwinds servers that runs the website and then start the database manager

Once you have that loaded, you when need to "Add Orion Server"

Then when it loads expand the database until you see the tables and press "W" and find the "Website table...

Once you find that table, double click on that table and then click "Execute Query"

This will show you the website configuration like this, however notice that the Port and SSLEnabled are not correct (the site binding tells us that)

To fix that click the "Enable table editing" button:

Then you need to update the Port to "443" and SSLEnabled to "1" as below:

I did not need to restart Solarwinds for that to fix the issue.

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