EXO : DeletedItemTotalSize Issue

 If you have read my blog post about the Exchange dumpster which is below:

Exchange Dumpster : Checking and Purging.

However you notice that despite the users have archiving enabled and Litigation Hold has been removed but was enabled at some point in the past, you will notice the TotalDeletedItemSize does not drop and your are using Exchange Online or EXO then you need to read this.....

First connect to Exchange Online......

If you query the mailbox with this:

Get-MailboxStatistics -Identity bear@a6n.co.uk | select DisplayName,TotalDeletedItemSize

DisplayName      TotalDeletedItemSize
-----------      --------------------
Bear             100 GB (107,374,275,023 bytes)

This is the limit, once this is hit you cannot manage your inbox, and I also noticed this as well with the archive if enabled:

Get-MailboxStatistics -Identity bear@a6n.co.uk -Archive | select DisplayName,TotalDeletedItemSize

DisplayName      TotalDeletedItemSize
-----------      --------------------
Bear             100 GB (107,374,275,023 bytes)

So here we have a primary inbox and archive full of e-mails in the "Deleted Items" folders, or more specifically the dumpster.....

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant bear@a6n.co.uk

This should then fix this issue as it applies runs assistant to clear down the space, however for me this was no clearing down, this usually takes a couple of hours to run, but after a couple of hours it was still 100GB, weird hey, well the clue is litigation hold has been removed but there is another hold on the e-mails.....lets investigate.....run this.....

Get-Mailbox bear@a6n.co.uk | FL *HoldApplied*

You will notice this is returned:

ComplianceTagHoldApplied : False
DelayHoldApplied         : True
DelayReleaseHoldApplied  : True

We seem to have a DelayHold on the mailbox which is an indefinate hold that means the mails cannot be deleted with the delete commands via Powershell, this seems to be applied once you disable LitigationHold is EXO, so you need to disable this with this:

Set-Mailbox bear@a6n.co.uk -RemoveDelayHoldApplied
Set-Mailbox bear@a6n.co.uk -RemoveReleaseHoldApplied

That should then look like this when you run the query command:

ComplianceTagHoldApplied : False
DelayHoldApplied         : False
DelayReleaseHoldApplied  : False

Now you have turned this off, run this command again:

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant bear@a6n.co.uk

Then you will see the 100GB drop, which is a sigh of relief...

DisplayName      TotalDeletedItemSize
-----------      --------------------
Bear             89.3 GB (95,884,699,495 bytes)

This after the cycle is finished will look more like this, which is far from the 100GB limit....

DisplayName         TotalDeletedItemSize
-----------                --------------------
Bear                 1.719 GB (1,845,808,070 bytes)
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