EXO : Locating a mailflow GUID

When managing EXO, if you use message tracing you will notice that sometime the tracking options will say "undeliverable" and you will in message events from message shown below:

You will see the event Transport Rule and then the descriptions is like this:

Transport rule ID: ('FDC40EAE-0D61-4BFA-9530-10EBF023ECBC'), DLP policy: '', ID: (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000).

That is not very helpful, being human I do not work in GUID's so we need to figure this out, to match it to a policy, the fact its undeliverable means its a rule that blocks mails or apply a delay to the e-mails.

So, connect to to PowerShell and Exchange Online with this command:


Once connected you need the command to view transport rules, this command is:


This will give you a list of all the transport rules, however 

This will give you list of all the rules and the status and the mode and the priority number, but not thew GUID which is not very helpful, however if you want a list of names and GUID's use this command:

Get-TransportRule | fl Name,Guid

This will give you a list of all the rules like this, and you can see the rule name below with the GUID we are looking for, result......

Name : Move mail to Honeypot
Guid : ce1e17b6-ec2a-4783-8c19-c51f502aa3e5

Name : Block mail with no claws
Guid : FDC40EAE-0D61-4BFA-9530-10EBF023ECBC

Name : Disclaimer Amendment
Guid : 17963afe-d478-4c4b-b628-31877ade8031

Name : Set Trees on Fire!
Guid : 8a25e9be-3bb4-4c07-9eef-0de5b3c4706f

However if you have many rules, you can simply use this GUID as the identity as like below:

Get-TransportRule -Identity FDC40EAE-0D61-4BFA-9530-10EBF023ECBC
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