Server 2022 : Recovery Partition (unable to expand disk)

So you have built a new Windows Server 2022 and you decided you want to extend the space on the primary volume where Windows is install, so you check out disk manager and you see this....

You notice that the "Recovery Partition" is right between the Windows volume and the "Unallocated" space which means you cannot extend the space as its not the next logical disk, this is confirmed when you try to extend the volume like this:

In order to fix this you need to delete the pesky volume, as who needs a recovery partition anyway, so to delete it do this:

  1. Type “cmd” in the search box and press “Enter” to open it. 
  2. Then type “diskpart” and execute
  3. Type “list disk” to show all your disks

    Since the recovery partition is on Disk 0, so we type “select disk 0” and hit “Enter” to choose itYou need to change the disk number to your target disk.

  4. Type “list partition” to show all partitions on the selected disk, and type “select partition x” (x is the number of the recovery partition you wish to delete) to choose the recovery partition. 
  5. Then type “delete partition override”.
That with a visual looks like this:

Once complete the disk manager will look like this:

Now you can expand the disk as you can see here:

The world is all good again, and you can continue with you day.

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