📱iPhone Battery Health

 No this does not entail going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and viewing the battery % like this:

That will give you a percentage but sometimes that % is not a accurate percentage , so you need to get a more reliable value from the phone and the analytics logs, so first you need the iPhone automation shortcut which can you get below:

Download iPhone Battery Stats

Then once you have that ensure that under Settings > Privacy & Security > Analytics and Improvements that the option to Share iPhone analytics is Enabled as below:

Note : If this option is disabled you will need to wait 24 hours for the report you require to be generated

If it is enabled, the tap on Analytics Data to see this, you need the find the general report which for me is called a analytics file starting with Analytics-2023-09-04 (which is also today date in USA format)

That will open the file where you need the click the share icon:

Then you need to tap the "Battery Stats" icon and watch the magic happen:

Then you will see the followings details, including the actual % left of your battery:

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