Viva Engage : Delegation

Personal Delegation

If you wish to delegate your own account to other people to use the process is very simple, from the "cog" on the settings click "Manager Delegate settings" as shown below:

Then from here you can add delegates the box on the left will add the user and then the box on the right will add the permissions as below: 

Note : Be careful with the delegate manager permission as that will allow those managers to delegate on your behalf.

This is all simple, but what if you need to do this for a shared mailbox account in Exchange that is also in Viva Engage, well the end result is the same but that start is very different, lets get going.

Shared Mailbox Delegation

When you create a shared mailbox you get a randomly generated password by Exchange and the account is disabled by default as people do not login they are delegated permissions.

Anyway this is the process for shared mailboxes, you may require approval from your security team for this as you are enabling accounts and then disabling them, you will also be resetting passwords.

  1. Enable the Shared Mailbox account
  2. If you get an error enabling the shared mailbox account, the password set does not meet your password requirements, update the password
  3. Wait for this to replicate to Entra the interval is usually every 30 minutes
  4. Start a new browser using Incognito mode (or the name for a private browser in your browser of choice)
  5. Visit this URL :
  6. Enter the name of the relevant account

  7. If you are using ADFS or federated services that are not Entra you will see the redirection prompt:

  8. Enter the relevant login details in this prompt from your federation service, this can be either you login ID or your UPN

  9. If successful you will then see the Viva Engage account of the user you wish to add delegation permissions, assigned the required permission as per the personal account actions.

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