Exchange : GrantSentOnBehalfTo

If you wish to apply changes to the GrantSendOnBehalfTo remember (as you will find out at some point I am sure) that the native command will replace all the permissions in that group, first check who is in there with this:

Get-Mailbox | fl Select GrantSendOnBehalfTo

This will then return the object ID values for the users in the permission like this:

If you then run this command to add a user, this command is run in replace mode:

Set-Mailbox -GrantSendOnBehalfTo

That command will remove any people currently set to that group and replace the contents of that permission with the user you have just specified

Correctly adding Users

If you wish to add a user you need to use this command:

Set-Mailbox -GrantSendOnBehalfTo @{Add=""}

Correctly removing Users

Set-Mailbox -GrantSendOnBehalfTo @{Remove=""}

Correctly removing all objects

Set-Mailbox -GrantSendOnBehalfTo $null

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