How To : Removing RDS CAL licenses from RD Licensing Server

If you wish to remove the CAL licenses from a RD licensing server you cannot delete them from the GUI however you can use powershell to complete this operation:

List current licenses

To list the current licenses run this:

Select-object KeyPackId,ProductVersion,TypeAndModel,AvailableLicenses,IssuedLicenses | ft

This will list the licenses installed like this:

You will notice the licenses have a key pack ID linked to them, here we will look at Keypack ID 4 - the one with nothing assigned to it:

Remove the KeyPackID license

To remove the KeyPackID license use this command and replace the KeyPackID with the acxtual ID you wish to remove:

wmic /namespace:\\root\CIMV2 PATH Win32_TSLicenseKeyPack CALL UninstallLicenseKeyPackWithId <id>

That  should return the status code of 0 (with is sucess) like this:

Then if you run the original command you will notice you have remove that KeyPackID:

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