Powershell : Date Based Activation (Day X)

I was wondering as malware and some viruses activate on a certain date, how easy was it to do this in Powershell - was it simple to complete or was it quite hard, there is no reason for this, just a little bit of curiosity, but it is easy to see how this could be used in the real world.

# Define the desired day, month, and year

$desiredDay = 15
$desiredMonth = 4
$desiredYear = 2024

# Get the current date
$currentDate = Get-Date
$currentDay = $currentDate.Day
$currentMonth = $currentDate.Month
$currentYear = $currentDate.Year

# Check if the current date matches the desired date
if ($currentDay -eq $desiredDay -and $currentMonth -eq $desiredMonth -and $currentYear -eq $desiredYear) {
    # Your custom code to execute when the desired day is reached
    Write-Host "0-Day Code Running."
    <code does here>
} else {
    # Display an error message if it's not the desired day
    Write-Host "0-Day code parameters are not valid!"

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