Powershell : Who has "Password does not Expire" set?

I got curious the other day and wondered about auditing the usage of the password does not expire option, that is this one here:

This will override your password policy and it will also override any FGPP (Fine Grain Password Policy) policy's set by the corporation, I usually see this when a lockout occurs and people can not trace the lockout so they set the "password not to expire" which is not the correct action from a security point of view.

This is the script that handles this option:

# Import the Active Directory module

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

# Define the OUs to exclude as an array
$excludedOUs = @(

# Get all users with 'PasswordNeverExpires' set to true
$usersWithPasswordNeverExpires = Get-ADUser -Filter {PasswordNeverExpires -eq $true -and Enabled -eq $true} -Properties PasswordNeverExpires, Enabled, DistinguishedName

# Function to check if a user is in any of the excluded OUs
function IsUserInExcludedOU {
    param (

    foreach ($ou in $excludedOUs) {
        if ($distinguishedName -match [regex]::Escape($ou)) {
            return $true
    return $false

# Filter out users in the excluded OUs
$filteredUsers = $usersWithPasswordNeverExpires | Where-Object { -not (IsUserInExcludedOU $_.DistinguishedName) }

# Display the list of users
$filteredUsers | Select-Object Name, SamAccountName, DistinguishedName

If you then want to remediate this issue you can add this to the bottom of the script - that will unset the option for "Password never expires"

# Remove the 'PasswordNeverExpires' attribute for these users
foreach ($user in $filteredUsers) {
    Set-ADUser -Identity $user.SamAccountName -PasswordNeverExpires $false
    Write-Host "Updated user: $($user.SamAccountName) - PasswordNeverExpires set to false"

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