Solarwinds : Error occurred during product catalog signature verification.

I was trying to do an upgrade of Solarwinds and I noticed that the installer to upgrade to the latest would not run correctly, I noticed two errors with this problem: 

  1. Active Diagnostics would not run and would fail to start, so setup count not continue
  2. If you downloaded a new upgrade installer would fail to run with the error "Error occurred during product catalog signature verification"

When it failed you got a diagnosis log to download in the form of a zip file, when this opened and you had a pool though the log I notice this occurred quite a few times:

2024-06-06 08:11:28,606 [13] ERROR (null) SolarWinds.Administration.DataProviders.CachingProductCatalogProvider - Error occurred during product catalog signature verification. 

This was a little weird, is this a local problem or a problem with the connection to the internet, well it was not a connection issue as the internet was active and online, so it must be a local problem.

The server in question also had a polling engine installed as well, so this had be a problem with some local configuration files that were causing an issue when they were trying to be read by the setup.

1. On Main Polling Engine, go to: C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Installers
2. Backup and Remove all json files from there
3. Restart SWA  (Solarwinds Administrator service)

Once these steps were complete the installation could then continue as normal, however remember to backup the json file just incase they are required, these are the file I backed up, as you can see there are lots of historical versions visible:

When the setup completes, do not be surprised if you only get one json back in the directory like this, you do not actually need all the historical files, but it seems the installer does not cleanup old files.

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