Powershell : Function cannot be created because function capacity 4096 has been exceeded for this scope

I was running some Powershell commands on an alternative server today and I got the error shown below, this error does not occur in Powershell 7 (which is where all my script development usually occurs frombut only normal and good original Powershell:

Function Test-ArchiveConnectivity cannot be created because function capacity 4096 has been exceeded for this scope.

At C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\ExchangeOnlineManagement\3.1.0\netFramework\ExchangeOnlineManagement.psm1:733 char:21
+                     throw $_.Exception;
+                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (Test-ArchiveConnectivity:String) [],
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : FunctionOverflow

It seems to select a ransom variable and fail on that variable, weird, been using Powershell for years now and this is the first time this has occurred, however apparently I have loaded more than 4096 variables and Powershell is not happy.

Note : This occurred for me after installed the preview module for Microsoft Graph, after removing this I no longer need the variable limited increased.

Let us check the variables allowed with this command, and I expect this to be 4096:

Get-Variable Max*Count

That confirms that that is indeed the maximum variable count limit, you can see the bottom value:

So we need to set this higher that 4096 as we have that many variables already set, so from Powershell run this:

$MaximumFunctionCount = 8192
$MaximumVariableCount = 8192

After running this command you can see that yes, indeed the variable count has been increased:

I usually use Powershell 7, however when running code of other servers it is not always installed, however I would recommend you to use Powershell 7 this is the release I am using here

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