Potholes in the Road

Not sure if it is just me but after travelling to Uxbridge recently the roads in London are smooth and drivable, however on my trip back up ot the Midlands it is like being on a train in your car, the roads are shockingly awful I have a sport car with stiff suspension but bloody hell, it is like being off-road.
We have pothole after pothole, I am sure that the tracking is out on my car due to the inconsistant spacing of potholes, it is like any man and his dog (no direct connections to ugly wifes) can dig up the road for no reason.......why do I pay road tax.....it never goes back into the road....it gets spent on crap....like momuments in town centres?
Mark my words, and mark my words well (not with a highlighter) if we do not do anything about our roads they will end up like the picture below:

Ooopppsss...sorry this is a road in the West Midlands, ooohhh well to late....
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