Save the RainForest - Go Paper Free

Well here is some more pointless advertising, apparantely if you go paper free then you can save a tree (or 1/1800 of a tree) from being cut thought that would be damn obvious to most people on the an exception for this rule is people who print out e-mails to read them.....WHY....the message is perfectly readable on your monitor.....what cannot read it on your monitor....what utter crap, how does printing out a mail make it more readable?
If Microsoft want to contribute to this cause then remove the "Print" feature in Outlook....of which you can via Group Policy under the Outlook 2007 Settings....if you have no domain then use the ORK (Office Resource Kit) to remove this feature and trees will send you a thank you letter (no not really)

Be happy, screw up your eyes by reading all your mails off your obsessively bright monitor....the environment will love you for will any local opticians.....
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