Terminal Services assigning Temporary Licenses...Why?

If you have a Enterprise based TS-Licensing model and you have a server that is issugin Temporayr Licenses even though you have Volume Licenses installed then you may need to check the Terminal Services Configuration this is located under Administrative Tools>Terminal Services Configuration then select Server Settings....
Then ensure that the value Licensing is set to the type of license CAL you have, for example if you have Per Device CAL's then this setting shown below will not use you offical licenses, why....the type is set to Per User....

Change this value to the correct value to resolve your issues, this can also be noted with the error in the event log as follows:
"The terminal server client servername has been disconnected because its temporary license has expired. The license server a6tsweb1 was contacted to get Windows Server 2003 - Terminal Server Per Device CAL Token. license for this client"
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