Amazon Purchase Scam....

I received the mail shown below from what I thought was Amazon about a item I sold on Amazon, look offical see for yourself...
We're writing to let you know that we've initiated a transfer to your bank account (Last 5-digits: 70462) for the following amount:
Funds should appear in your account in approximately six to ten working days.
Here's your statement.

Account Summary
Closing Balance as of 31.10.2007: Γ‚£135.86
Payments Received Γ‚£154.50
Fees (includes applicable VAT) -Γ‚£18.64
Seller Fees (includes applicable VAT) Γ‚£0.00
Buyer Refunds Γ‚£0.00

Subtotal for Marketplace Γ‚£135.86

Closing Balance: Γ‚£135.86

Now check out the message path below and you will see that all is not as it appears...

X-Daemon-Classification: INNOCENT

Envelope-to: amazon_at_artic6_dot_plus_dot_com

Delivery-date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 21:05:07 +0000

Received: from ([] helo=cp3a.criticalpath.priv)

by with esmtp (PlusNet MXCore v2.00) id 1InKkM-0002nL-So

for amazon_at_artic6_dot_plus_dot_com; Wed, 31 Oct 2007 21:05:07 +0000

Received: from ( by cp3a.criticalpath.priv (

id 472062300026B706 for amazon_at_artic6_dot_plus_dot_com; Wed, 31 Oct 2007 21:05:06 +0000


X-AMAZON-TRACK: amazon_at_artic6_dot_plus_dot_com

Received: from by with ESMTP

(peer crosscheck:



Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 21:05:04 GMT

From: " Payments"

Reply-To: payments-messages_at_amazon_dot_co_dot_uk

To: amazon_at_artic6_dot_plus_dot_com

Cc: payments-mail_at_amazon_dot_co_dot_uk

Bounce-To: 3ppMessageSender+5-173o8vp3q170r+18_at_amazon_dot_com

Content-type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

Subject: Your Amazon Payments deposit is on its way

X-PN-Spam-Filtered: by PlusNet MXCore (v4.00)

X-DSPAM-Result: Innocent

X-DSPAM-Processed: Wed Oct 31 21:05:08 2007

X-DSPAM-Confidence: 0.7614

X-DSPAM-Improbability: 1 in 320 chance of being spam

X-DSPAM-Probability: 0.0000

X-DSPAM-Factors: 27,

(Last, 0.00035,

//payments, 0.00255,

Delivery-date*Wed+31, 0.00339,

(includes, 0.00609,

(includes, 0.00609,

Subtotal, 0.00715,

uk+Amazon, 0.00818,

amazon+co, 0.00996,

amazon+co, 0.00996,

Message-Id*out, 0.99000,

00+Buyer, 0.01000,

https+//payments, 0.01000,

for+Marketplace, 0.01000,

Cc*mail, 0.99000,

//payments+amazon, 0.01000,

Subject*its+way, 0.01000,

Amazon+co, 0.01008,

uk+Marketplace, 0.01106,

Url*amazon, 0.01158,

a+transfer, 0.01201,

Marketplace, 0.01353,

Marketplace, 0.01353,

Account+Summary, 0.01410,

Account+Summary, 0.01410,

transfer+to, 0.01634,

amazon, 0.01798,

amazon, 0.01798

Oooohhhhh.....hello what is this...

Bounce-To: 3ppMessageSender+5-173o8vp3q170r+18_at_amazon_dot_com

This is a fake message, the bastards....
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