OpenSSH Killer with ISA Server

If you have an ISA server in your enterprise you will always get certain power users (the IT department) trying to get to all sites via the "backdoor" including sites otherwise blocked by your corpoarte policy....there are many sites that can help you out here including:

However, this is not the process expert users use to get to the internet, upon investigation it seems people are using OpenSSH via TCP443 which is the HTTPS port which you cannot block or how do we stop them.......well if they are intelligent enough to use OpenSSH you would expect that a simple "Require All Users to Authenticate" would not fool them????

Wrong, it seems fool all the people I work with at home at at the company I work for......the solution to this is a simple one but I will not tell you how to get this working as this post assists people in blocking the service......unless you have the ISA Administration role in which case you can disable the rule...

Make sure the tick is in the "Require all users to Authenticate" which it is not by default...
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