Vista Optimisation

I have now moved to Windows Vista Ultimate, I was unsure about competing this operation until I found that the new version of Active Sync called Device manager will only work in I moved to Vista just like that and so far I am happy to say all is well.
If you install the operating system out of the box and install all the features then it performs like crap, however if you optimise Vista it is quite a nice OS to use......firstly I call tell you off the top of my head what "features" to turn off....
1. Windows Aero - If you want pretty pointless animation by a Mac.....

2. System Restore - Never works well, quicker to rebuild

3. SuperFetch - Slow your system down even more

4. Indexing - Pointless and not required

5. IPSec - Do you have a domain? Do you require Enterprise Security?

6. Windows Firewall - You require a proper firewall....

7. Windows Sidebar - unless you like 20% of youer desktop missing

8. Windows Start Menu - use the classic if is quicker and more professional

If you want to read the whole article then click on "Vista Optimisation" under "Technical Resources" on the menu!
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