Registry : Change your Drive Letters

If you have a system drive (which means it contains system files like a boot.ini) then you are unable to chnage the drive letter of this drive unless you know how to via the need not software of partition mapping.......all you need is the command "regedit".
WARNING : If you chnage these keys incorrectly your system WILL NOT boot and you will need to call out a professional to fix it...therefore if you are an luddite or newbie to IT then DO NOT FOLLOW this guide!
1. Open the registry to HKLMSystemMountedDevices you will see something that looks like this:

2. Leave the C: entry alone

3. No really, leave the C: alone

4. Find the target drive it D: so this is the key : DosDeviceD:

5. Click on the key and press F2

6. Change the D for your desired server drive letter

7. Reboot and see your newly assigned drive!
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