SSH Error : Connection Closed by Remote Host......

This means that I have not allowed all the IP addresses that can connect to my server, this is specified in the .hosts file which I will be updating very is the Technical information....
This message means that the client got a TCP connection to the server, but the server immediately closed it before the SSH protocol could get started (the ssh_exchange_identification routine implements the version string exchange, the initial step of the protocol).
This usually happens because of a libwrap setting which prohibits the connection. Check the server log; if this is the problem, you will see messages like these:

  • SSH1, OpenSSH sshd1[15092]: refused connect from

  • SSH2 sshd2[15085]: Denied connection from by tcp wrappers.

If you compiled the SSH server with libwrap (TCP-wrappers) support, check that the rules in the files /etc/hosts.{allow,deny} on the server host allow connection to the SSH daemon. An entry like this, for example, will allow connections to sshd from any source address:
sshd sshd1 sshd2 : ALL : ALLOW
The name on the left must be the argv[0] value of the running daemon, so if you've invoked sshd under another name, you'll need to use that. Also, the rules are order-dependent, so the rule just given might not work, depending on the other rules and their relative placement. See the hosts_access(5) man page for details on the libwrap rule syntax and semantics.
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